The new UFPA Automatic Generation Module (FICAT 2.0), implemented by the Central Library of UFPA, is a system that seeks to accelerate the generation of catalogs for the academic work of the institution's students.

To use it, simply access the website ( and fill in the required and optional data. After filling in, the PDF file of the cataloging card will be immediately available to be inserted in the work. On the site, you can also find tutorials and instructions on how to operate the system.

In addition to Theses and Dissertations, FICAT 2.0 also generates catalytic data sheets for the Completion of Undergraduate and Specialization Courses (TCC's) - in an automatic, agile and efficient way. The system was created using criteria such as security, precision, agility, reliability, usability.

FICAT 2.0 maintains the standard for the production of catalogs according to the rules of the Anglo American Cataloging Code (AACR2) and the International Standard Bibliographic Description (ISBD).