The creation of the Political Science Graduate Program (PPGCP / UFPA) originated from the initiatives of two latu sensu specialization courses: State and Public Sector Policies in the Amazon and Parties and Elections in Contemporary Democracy. The creation of the Academic Master's course in Political Science and International Relations in 2008 aims to foster integrated approaches of the Social Sciences in UFPA by developing studies and research through the "stricto sensu" graduate training in different areas of knowledge of Political Science.

PPGCP is currently the only program in Political Science running in the North of the country and has emerged in a context of expansion of the higher education network in the region, particularly in the state of Pará, since there has been significant growth in higher education in the State in the last two decades, both in the public sector and in the private sector. The Program operates in two areas: Political Theory and Methods and Institutions and Public Policies, through which qualified professionals are trained to work in public and private institutions that draw on theoretical and empirical research in the development of their activities, such as higher education institutions, research institutes, political advisers, and etc.