Interaction with undergraduate

The PPGCP has collaborated in a significant way with the graduation, both of courses offered by UFPA. In this sense, the Program has offered courses and lectures that contribute to questions that permeate the scope of graduation, in such a way that the data and results obtained by the research developed by students and teachers of the PPGCP, have been used by undergraduate students in the production of course completion projects and projects aimed at graduate admission in the most diverse programs in Pará and other states in Brazil. In addition, PPGCP annually holds the Political Science Week in Belém, which counts on the expressive participation of undergraduate students as listeners or through the presentation of papers in the event's programming. Also, with regard to PPGCP's contributions to undergraduate courses, it is also worth noting the offer of short courses aimed at students of the Social Sciences course and related areas.


Online news

The Program has been committed to promoting its activities to the academic community. Thus, it produced an online newsletter distributed weekly by e-mail to its students. It is also made available to the general public through its institutional Web site. PPGCP is also present in social networks maintaining a page on Facebook (, which allows direct interaction of the public with the Program. Both the informative and the Facebook page are used to publicize the activities and events promoted by the course, as well as subsidize the reflection about the topics discussed by the course.